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Giro d'Italia and Tour de France. We preview the maps and take a look, stage by stage, at the challenges awaiting riders in the year to come. Contador and Aru will both be aiming high at the Giro, and the Spaniard promises to have a competitive edge at the Tour, too. At Astana work is underway in an attempt to hit a balance between the ambitions of Nibali, who also wants to race in the Giro, and those of Aru, who has set his sights on the pink jersey and is making that his prime objective for 2015. Still on the topic of Fabio, the Sardinian rider has already set to work in the wind tunnel and Bicisport flew out to California to catch up with him, one pedal push after another, during the course of a day's exciting test runs and aerodynamic trials. Bramati, what can you tell us about the world champion? The Omega Pharma sport director gives us an insight into Kwiatkowski. Bicisport English Edition for November is now available...





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